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Need help on Favorites Issue

Question asked by Subba_Reddy1 on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Subba_Reddy1

Hi All,

We are trying to add one of the CA PPM page to favorites, but its first letter of the page is cut off and added to rest of the page name to favorites. For instance I am trying to add "Key Initiative List" to my favorites, it occurs as below.

fist letter "K" was missed.

In below instance another user trying to add "Release Plan List", Here letter "R" was missed.


We observed that this happen only Single page type of pages.

If we add a page that has tabs, it adds the tab name to the favorites list and this works properly. see below screen shot for your reference.


Anyone have the same issue? Is this is a bug?.

Our CA PPM Version/Build  is 05 12. 

Please help us, how to resolve this issue. Thank you.