Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Policy Server crashes because it shares JVM with Wily

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Oct 7, 2016

Issue :


Policy Server is crashing when I try to execute a simple Active Response created using Java SDK. I'm running Wily with the Policy Server.


Resolution :


If you use other components within the Policy Server we recommend you to use the same JVM for both Policy Server and the other component.


In case of using Wily, you can also modify the environment variable script as per the Wily technote 2507 :


In the 12.0 release of SMM we include following variables in file. This typically works fine however in scenarios where the Policy Server needs to launch a JRE and has another JRE included on the PATH, then having the following entry causes the Policy Server to crash due to multiple JRE versions which might be incompatible.


For example:






In order to resolve the issue comment out above in the file and then restart the Policy Server.


KB : TEC599368