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Question asked by Amosu on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by Raghu.Rudraraju

Hello Team,

Good day and trust work had been great.

Please I want to know if it's possible to integrate multiple CA EEM with CA SDM 12.6.

We have been using CA SM 12.6 integrated with CA EEM for over 3years now and it has been working perfectly not until late last year (2015) that we had a total downtime. CA support intervened and discovered the issue was with a configuration of the multiple LDAP configuartion on the CA EEM.

After the issue was resolved, it worked for about 6months thereabout and the issue started again.

Now we installed the latest version of CA EEM on a separate server and give access for all our "EMPLOYEES" and it was working ok without users complains....... Later we added the "ANALYSTS" and the system started having issues again, taking much time to log in approximately 10mins to log in and sometimes it throws 404 error after awhile.

Please we wanna know if we can install 2 separate CA EEM and integrate these with our current SDM. Please will this work????

Awaits swift answers and advises.

Thanks and Regards,