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Web-proxy-recorder with "Two way SSL"

Question asked by nishi04 Employee on Oct 8, 2016

Hi Experts,


Our customer is now struggling with web-proxy-recorder against "Two way SSL".
They want to create a test case by using web-proxy-recorder.
Difficult point is "Two way SSL".
We need to record transactions between browser(IE) and Web Server and transactions are "two way SSL".
Once tried and result was:
    - When we use external browser... it doesn't work.
    - When we use Internal browser during recording, it worked.
However, customer's web application doesn't work well on internal browser therefore, we need to use external browser...

Customer says SSL is not necessary between browser and web-proxy-recorder.
(two way SSL is mandatory for between web-proxy-recorder and web server)

So, I would like to ask you all whether you have had such like experience...and hopefully would like to know how to solve it...
Any advice, suggestion, and comments are welcome.



Hirofumi Nishino  |  Presales, Continuous Delivery  |  CA Technologies Japan