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AHD05376: The '' contact did not receive a notification

Question asked by J_W on Oct 10, 2016
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SDM 14.1.02

Windows 2008 R2 / SQL 2014

1 Primary / 1 Secondary



We have in the system setup for inbound email to update a ticket as shown here:

SDM - Take action if Log Comment is 'Created By' Customer 


along with the definition of a Custom Log activity for email as shown here:

How to prevent an email notifications for a "Created Via Email" Activity.


There are notifications active for 'Log Comment' to both Group and Customer.


This is working as long as the contacts are configured correctly as to email address and notification method.  All new contacts have Email as their default notification method and all Groups require an email address - even if it is a dummy.



We have one group which is configured correctly - there are no missing emails addresses and all notification methods are set to Email.  However, whenever any activity is created which would cause a notification to this group, we immediately get a series of error message is both stdlog and activity log:



spelsrvr             6416 SIGNIFICANT  cnt.spl               1180 AHD05376:The '' contact did not receive a notification - no notification method specified for level .



This activity is causing the Update Status macro to fire - even though this is logged as System_AHD_Generated and not the customer.  So, for example, if the ticket is change to Resolved and this sends a notification to the group, these errors get posted to the activity log and this triggers the Update Status to change it back to 'Customer Replied'.


The workaround to disable the no email address / notification via NX.env does not affect this as those only apply to stdlog.


I've completely rebuilt the group membership and checked via SQL - there are no empty rows in the links between the group and the members.  There are no other groups which have this issue - so I am concentrating on the group / membership definitions.


Any ideas where I can troubleshoot this?  I already have a support issue open.