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Using HTML (or otherwise formatted) data in an Object Edit Page.

Question asked by TFJ on Oct 11, 2016
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Some time back I found a brilliant post in this forum about using dynamic lookup to show additional data on an Object Edit page. (sorry I can't remember the author).

Now I have a request to do the same, but to format the data to look nice.


My example is to create a list of Tasks on the Status Report Edit page. I want to do this to avoid the user jumping around to find data to support the process of making the status report.


I have used the trick with the dynamic lookup and it works fine - in the sense that I retrieve and display the data - but as yo can imagine a list of milestones without any tabular formatting is really just a long sentence of nonsense. So I want to format the output e.g. lookup like this:

Name           Start          End           Status

Activity 1.1   01-Oct-16  15-Oct-16  Started

Activity 1.2   13-Oct-16  31-Oct-16  Not Started

Milestone      31-Oct-16  31-Oct-16  Not Started


I have tried to look in here for guidance, but did not find any. Is this possible using HTML (which I have already tried but not found successful) or in any other way?

Status report with milestone list as dynamic lookup

The screen dump shows the list of milestones to the bottom right. Hopefully this can be formatted nicely :-)