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CA PPM port revisited

Question asked by urmas on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by am1

Going back to CA Clarity Login 

15.1 documentation still says

Having done two separate fresh installs of 15.1 I still get

when using port 80.

When I set the port in CSA to 8080 no problem getting the login page.


I take

...And this is exactly source of a problem because TOMCAT 7 has got 8080 (not 80!) as a default port for Clarity application server!

as stated in the referred thread still holds and is true for Tomcat 8, too.

So why am I hitting this first in 15.1 and not in 14.x?

Is there a setting somewhere that controls this?

Is the documentation in error?

How would a user know which port works without trial and error?