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db2 probe fails with server_encrypt

Question asked by JasonLow4209226 on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by JasonLow4209226

On UIM 8.4, I have the db2 probe 4.0 working remotely with DB2 authentication method set to SERVER however on a different DB2 server, the probe fails to connect when the DB2 authentication method is SERVER_ENCRYPT?  I've opened a case on this issue and was told that SERVER_ENCRYPT is not supported so I'm asking the community if this is true.  No problems remotely cataloging the DB2 instance/database but when I try to test the db2 probe connection, I get this error:

conf_db2.exe (Window title)
Connection test to instance node {obfuscated} failed with: [IBM][CLI Driver]
SQL1337N The service "{obfuscated};" was not found.