Tech Tip:  What CA-IDMS install packages to download

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Oct 11, 2016


I was given this list of IDMS products to download for use with IDMS 19.0. When I select a product, there is still another list of products. I am unsure of which selections to make from it. 




All these products are now all under one base FMID. After the product is installed there is a RHDCPINT module that can be modified to enable all these individual IDMS products. 

Just select IDMS - MVS or IDMS/DB - MVS, it doesn't matter which, then download package DVD08110109E.pax.Z. With this you will have them all and later modify RHDCPINT The RHDCPINT source will be in CAISAG.CONFIG(JOB02) .  




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