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Request Software Delivery package installation from Service Catalog request

Question asked by GGiran on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Jason_Wolfe

I need to enable ITCA and CA Service Catalog integration so that users can request Software Delivery package installation using Request from from Service Catalog.


I have found only a tiny blurb regarding this capability mentioned in CA Services website as following:

CA Client Automation Implementation Services - CA Technologies 

Asset Inventory and Software Delivery foundation services can be extended by leveraging the following Acceleration Services:
  • Product Integration Acceleration Service enables Service Desk incidents to be open when specific software delivery issues arise or allowing software delivery packages to be created from CA Harvest Software Change Manager or to berequested from CA Service Catalog.


I am not able find any specific details about how to enable this capability using Product Integration Acceleration Services. Has anyone done this before? Please provide some details regarding how to accomplish this integration.