Performance Center Alarms/Alerts in Spectrum

Discussion created by Skip.Taylor on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Lorenzo Capizzi

We are using Spectrum 10.1.1 and Performance Center 2.8.  We setup Threshold policies in CAPC and you can see the events and Alarms in the Spectrum Console.  The Alarm shows the Device name and the Alarm Title, shown below, and references the Threshold Rule.  For example Errors or Utilization.

"A Threshold Violation event has been raised on ‘Fa0/0’. (Profile Name: Interface Errors IN, Rule Name: Interface Errors IN)."


The issue I am having is when emails alerts are sent from Spectrum.  Thy do not reflect the Threshold profile name in the subject but only say there is a Threshold Violation.  You have to read the email body to know which Threshold Profile was violated.  Below is an example of an email subject line sent from Spectrum.

"MAJOR alarm - ROUTER_Fa0/0 -A major threshold violation has occurred."


I configured notifications in CAPC and successfully configured the subject to show the Threshold policy however I want to send the email alerts from Spectrum.


Any thoughts on how we can show the Threshold Profile name in the Email subject line?  I know there was a similar issue with a fix for eHealth Time over Threshold alerts.  Is there one for CAPC?