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How to create ci using createAssetmehtod using soap webservice method

Question asked by BalaKrishnab4 on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Brian_Mathato

Hi Team,


can you please help me how to create new ci using createAssetMethod. I'm trying to create ci as follows but it is giving "

AHD05545:Invalid Configuration Item Class identifier" error. I'm new to this. can you please provide necessary details on this.


StringHolder createAssetResult = new StringHolder();

StringHolder newAssetHandle = new StringHolder();

StringHolder newExtensionHandle = new StringHolder();

StringHolder newExtensionName = new StringHolder();

ArrayOfString attrVal1 = new ArrayOfString();

attrVal.setString(new String[] { "name", "asset_name",

"class", "Application"});

ArrayOfString attr1 = new ArrayOfString();

attr1.setString(new String[0]);

usd.createAsset(sid, attrVal1, attr1, createAssetResult, newAssetHandle, newExtensionHandle, newExtensionName);