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PdmToday() Adjust To The Middle Of The Day?

Question asked by Stuart_ on Oct 13, 2016
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I've been asked to create a report that can be run on demand, that goes back 1 week to midday (12:00)pm.


Does anyone know how to achieve this with the PdmToday() function? Using 0 on the 'timeAdj' doesn't seem to work.


PdmToday() [timeAdj [, day [, month [, year]]]] ) Evaluates to today's date (in seconds from 1/1/1970), adjusted according to the arguments:


timeAdj:-1—adjust time to beginning of day (0:00:00); +1—adjust time to end of day (23:59:59)


day: negative—adjust date by number of days specified positive—set day to absolute value specified (or to last day of month, whichever is less)


month: negative—adjust date by number of months specified


Thanks Stuart

Using SDM 12.9 & CABI (Build Number:1983  & Product Version: