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Export Knowledge - need to see the html version

Question asked by KeithEvans on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Paul_Coccimiglio

(ver 11.2 - SQL db)  I'm trying to clean up our knowledge base as we have 4,500 solutions and the knowledge editors have built hyperlinks to documents (word, pdfs, jpgs, etc.) that are stored in multiple shared LAN locations.  The problem I'm having, when export the resolution field all I see is plain text, such as "Click here to view reboot document" but what I really need to see is the html version that would look more like "Click here to view <a> href="http://corporate/LAN/SDT/reboot-v44.doc" target="NEW"> reboot document</a>"


I need to see the html version so I can easily and quickly locate all knowledge articles with hyperlinks and then get those links corrected where we use the build in KT repository link.