What's New? The Beta version of Rally Insights is now...

Discussion created by John_Streeter on Jan 27, 2015
What's New?  The Beta version of Rally Insights is now available!!! Use the Beta Rally Insights Solution ( to benchmark data and get detailed, diagnostic analytics to help understand and improve software development performance. Rally Insights uses a Software Development Performance Index (SDPI) framework. The Agile methodology is powerful for obtaining a high-quality product and a faster time-to-market, but what if your teams could improve even more? With Rally Insights, you can: - Track your teams’ productivity and predictability - Track the quality of your programs - Compare your company’s metrics with other companies that use Rally - Use Rally Insights to benchmark your team’s performance against data from 13,000 active teams and 160,000 projects. -- Program managers, product managers, product owners, and executives benefit greatly from the metrics provided by Rally Insights. Rally Insights is only available with Unlimited Edition.