I have a scenario where 1 QC project is mapped...

Discussion created by jonathan.belanger on Mar 12, 2015
I have a scenario where 1 QC project is mapped to multiple Rally projects.  The requirements from QC get both the Formatted ID, as well as the Rally Project Name.  When a test case is linked to this requirement, I have a custom QC script that copies both the Formatted ID and Rally Project Name into the Test Case.  When a run gets executed it is associated with the test case.  When a synchronization of test runs occurs from QC to Rally, the config file contains the TestExternalIDField, which specifies the test case associated with the test run.  I'd like to be able to filter this down one more level by being able to filter out test runs, where their associated test case's Rally Project Name matches the Rally Project we are synchronizing to.  This is analogous to a cross-filter.  Is this possible?  If so, how?  Here is an example of the Filter I've used in QC to do what I'm trying to do: [Filter]{ TableName:RUN, ColumnName:RN_STATUS, LogicalFilter:\00000017\Failed Or N/A Or Passed, VisualFilter:\00000017\Failed Or N/A Or Passed, NO_CASE: } { FLT:[X], TYPE:RUN-Test, EXISTS_IN_IDS:Y, IN_IDS:\000000e0\[Filter]{ TableName:TEST, ColumnName:TS_USER_09, LogicalFilter:CallCenter, VisualFilter:CallCenter, NO_CASE: } }