Good strong list of #[Fixed Defects] , including this first...

Discussion created by John_Streeter on Jun 25, 2015
Good strong list of #[Fixed Defects] , including this first one from this morning: DE25029 - Virtual fields are blowing up and causing page to fail to load DE24610 - Actuals not in field list - task grid DE24776 - Actuals Column Being Removed from Custom List App DE24517 - Users promoted to SubAdmin lose the ability to choose new parents for projects for which they were previously project admins. DE24876 – [WSAPI]: cannot set feature's parent if a feature's endpoint is referenced as in portfolioitem/, without explicit 'feature' type DE17824 - On Custom Views and Notification Rules, getting error that OID must be a number with a maximin of 10 digits DE24764 - [WSAPI]: ""Not Authorized to perform action: Invalid Key"" Persists in Browsers DE24822 - [Sandbox]: Sandbox Renders Blank Screen when logging in Using IE9 DE24685 - Milestones missing from filter on Custom List and Backlog Page