Posting on the behalf of @Steve Stolt: I'm excited to...

Discussion created by John_Streeter on Sep 9, 2015
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Posting on the behalf of @Steve Stolt:  I'm excited to announce that the ability add #[Custom Field]s in Rally has been expanded!  You are now able to add custom fields to the following items. * Iterations * Milestones * Projects * Releases * Test Case Results * Workspaces Here are a few examples of how these new custom fields might be used. Iterations * Track retro action items Milestones * Indicate product lines * Track specific customers Projects * Track each team’s scrum master * Show where is the team located Releases * Track retro action items * Track delivery satisfaction Test Case Results * Track results per browser type * Track results per platform/Operating System Workspaces * Indicate product lines * Connector/custom integration info Additionally you are now able to show/hide built-in fields on those types from appearing in the user interface.