My company currently uses Rally for everything except test case...

Discussion created by SonyaPetkunas1364313 on Nov 6, 2015

My company currently uses Rally for everything except test case management. We use our legacy MTM program for test case management. So during the regression phase, we utilize user stories to organize the areas we want to regression test and tasks under those user stories that name the MTM test case that needs to be run. It works pretty well because we can run metrics on coverage and if an area passes. We have found trying to use the same template of user stories and test case tasks to be cumbersome because even though we have the user stories tied to a feature, you can't copy a feature to a next release and retain all of it's user stories and tasks. So we are using export and importing, which is time consuming. Does anyone else have some best practice ideas out there to better utilize Rally for the regression cycles of a release? We are not opposed to trying test cases, test plans and test sets as placeholders, but I don't think my company is ready to give up MTM at this point. Thank you in advance.