We're in the process of centralizing the backlogs of a couple...

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We're in the process of centralizing the backlogs of a couple dozen groups currently in, naturally, couple dozen places/tools into a single workspace in Rally. To migrate several backlogs in other existing Rally workspaces, I found this very nifty "portfolio item copy" custom app at https://github.com/RallyCommunity/portfolio-item-copy - it can copy a feature and every story and task under the feature from 1 workspace to another workspace. It also addresses the limitation in Rally's built-in export functionality of not handling rich-text formatting in Description and other text fields. Only issue I've found is that the source code's "handling tags" subroutine, which needs to be modified to use string value rather than ID since tags in one workspace would have different IDs for tags of same name in another workspace, so I've commented out the subroutine for now - but I hope someone here can tweak it to support copying/setting tags across workspaces.