Discussion created by 5cfceeaa6275e19b7e70cbabd332c857 on Jul 20, 2016

I found the Rally Iteration Health custom app (https://github.com/kcorkan/rally-iteration-health-1). Love it. 

Of course, I wanted to add some of our own metrics to it. So, I forked the code in Github, intending to modify it. First, though, I ran it as downloaded, and got an error. 

I posted to StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38448189/rally-iteration-health-javascript-error), so forgive the cross-post if it violates group norms. It is not clear how to go about troubleshooting javascript error: "Expected an operand but found <" on line 13:

Rally.loadScripts(<%= JSON.stringify(js_files) %>

in file "app-debug-tpl.html"

Any hints are appreciated.