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What is the timeframe & more for the Project FTE count?

Question asked by PaulHeidema1379431 on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by PaulHeidema1379431
It has been hard for me to find out more about the "Project FTE" count found in Reports > Insights that is associated with some of the aspects of the Insights report. I have three (3) questions...

1) How often does the Project FTE count get updated?
2) What is the timeframe for the Project FTE count? Based on my research and experimentation within Rally, it seems to never really update. For example, one team member has not doen any work connected to a team since November 2015 yet they are still shown as 1.00 (100%) in the Project FTE count.
3) Are there any ways to clean up the Project FTE count when a team member is no longer on the team? Since this count is directly tied to our Insights reports, it would be helpful to make it truthful.

Thanks for any help that anybody can provide as I find that information related to Project FTE count to be non-transparent and hard to discover.