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I want to find the source code for the Print Story Cards App so that I can customize it to view information relevant to me in a card size that fits my display. Clues?

Question asked by 275eebee5d1c9c869758d1bdd89db52e on May 26, 2016
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I work in a co-located team and we do like our information radiators. Printing Story Cards is good but I want to play around with the information that is included on the card and the displayed size of the card on my monitor, they are too big :( I have the developer expertise of the average paper cup but I know a man who does have the skills. All I need is the code and the link posted elsewhere takes me to the GitHub 404 page. 

I need a link to source that works and if anyone has any top tips for changing the displayed card size and fields I'd be mighty thankful.