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first_app fails to load with exception

Question asked by b5206dfde6d4c949d168413f87191e61 on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by nantonelli
After following the directions listed here , I recieved the following error in Google Chrome's Developer Tools:

sdk-debug.js:147611 Error: success callback for Deferred transformed result of Deferred transformed result of Deferred threw: TypeError: Cannot read property 'project' of undefined
    at Ext.define.getFullyQualifiedName (sdk-debug.js:163998)
    at (sdk-debug.js:164052)
    at Ext.define.buildCompositeArtifact (sdk-debug.js:164152)
    at Ext.define.getModel (sdk-debug.js:196664)
    at Ext.define._buildColumnsFromModel (sdk-debug.js:196985)
    at Ext.define._parseColumns (sdk-debug.js:196977)
    at sdk-debug.js:146417
    at Ext.define.notify (sdk-debug.js:146514)
    at Ext.define.register (sdk-debug.js:146481)
    at Ext.define.then (sdk-debug.js:146299)