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Work items for child projects not showing in parent project with both having custom kanban states.

Question asked by b25bd9d2740b42e86979d3ecd795ba78 on Jun 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by SeshVeeraraghavan1363555
I've created a small hierarchy as follows:
  • Parent Project      
    • Child Project 1
    • Child Project 2
Both the parent and child projects have custom Kanban states and custom Kanban pages to reflect views required at the different levels. However for Child Project 1/2 all User Stories are not showing up on Parent Project Kanban. The custom Kanban states of the User Stories are mapped to states that are available as column in both child and parent but they are not visible in the parent. If I view the Parent Project throught the derfault Kanban, then the User Stories are visible and if view the User Stories in the Child Project 1/2 through the custom Kanban on a custom page then they are also visible. I am not sure what is going wrong, or if I've missed somthing, but if anybody else has experience this and has a solution I'd very grateful for a solution.