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Release Tracking Page Limitation - Please Help

Question asked by chris.d'aleo.dealer1.4488996373844514E12 on Jul 29, 2016
How could I modify the Release Tracking page in a way so that Dependencies that correlate to Features within another Release train (cross-train dependencies), also display for Features in the selected Release Train?  For example, if I have a Feature within Project structure A, but have a dependency that originates within Project structure B, when I am viewing Project structure A within the Release Tracking page, the dependency is not shown because it exists in another Project tree (same Workspace).

It is essential to have this capability in the case where I have a scrum team working on a project that is dependent on an Infrustructure group to complete efforts prior to actioning scrum tasks.  I would need to see that there is a dependency on a Feature, even if it does not belong to the project(s) I'm viewing.

Thank you so much!