how to configure ldap load script

Discussion created by mtoback11 on Aug 13, 2014
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So i tried to go by the instructions provided in the 2014.2 installation guide.

First, there is no file called user_load_script.rb that I could find on the rally github website ( which is where the link provided in the 2014.2 download page provides it (at least where our product rep sent us).

The file I found that appears to do that is called ldap_username_load.rb

It does not hardcode the filename and has no filename variable. It defaults it to the template but in theory it should accept the input file on the command line. But that didn't work so I tried renaming it.

This is what I get. Lines 21-25 are names of gems/files it is looking for. It looks like it is in conflict with the ones we were told to download from the Rally On-Premise Guide.

The guide says fastercsv the code says csv
The guide says rally_rest_api, the code says rally_api

I have a feeling that this file is wrong and (hopefully) I've been misdirected and picked up the wrong file

Using Google, I think the right answer is:

When I ran this script using the original csv and rally_api gems it worked