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kanban board query for hierarchicalRequirement

Question asked by 2dad8c9aa80206d88e01a838ddcfb3521 on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2014 by 2dad8c9aa80206d88e01a838ddcfb3521
Although sucessful with other queries, I cannot seem to query a user story related to a set of defects.  'Parent' works for user stories, but since there is no concept of parent in a defect, I am trying to use the hierarchicalRequirement ( user story ) value.  

Since the defects we are pulling up into this Kanban board are associated to Child projects/folders, we have been associating defects and stories to a parent story.  Release will not work as a means to consolidate as items in child folders are related to the releases in the child folders.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, however it would be useful to know how we can get a useful 'hierarchicalRequirement' query to work in the Kanban board.