Hierarchies by attribute or by parent child -- why?

Discussion created by tomharr on Sep 30, 2014
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The "Market Value" diagram at shows item types that end up in Rally as Portofolio Epics and Features, and then User Stories in the lower level (non-portfolio level) of Rally.

Hiearchy: For User Stories, one builds the hierarchy by parent-child relationships. For Epics and Features, and assigning User Stories to Features, one builds the hierarchy by marking attributes (e.g. to put a User Story "under" a Feature, I mark that Feature value in the Feature field or attribute of the User Story. Similarly for putting Features "under" Epics in Portofolio in Rally.)

My question: why the difference in the way one represents hierarchy for the different types of items -- in some cases it's by attribute (putting parent item's value in field of child item) while in other cases (as far as I can tell, only with User Story objects), it's by marking the child as a child of the parent.

Why the difference, and what's its signficance?