LookbackAPI ProjectScope Issue

Discussion created by bf93774f530287b5444c805acf6396901 on Oct 8, 2014
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I want to get all User Stories under the specified project ( suppose the ObjectD of this project is 123456) , which has some subprojects. The java program segment is listed as follow:

LookbackApi lookbackApi =new LookbackApi();
this.lookbackApi.setCredentials("email address", " password ");
this.lookbackApi.setWorkspace(" workspace");


LookbackQuery lookbackQuery=this.lookbackApi.newSnapshotQuery();
this.lookbackQuery.addFindClause("_ProjectHierarchy", 123456);

When I executed those codes, I obtained some useless User Stories, which belong to other projects not subprojects.

Could you tell me how to make them correct?  And if I just want to get all User Stories of a project (ObjectID:123456), how to code?