could not read all instances of class com.f4tech.slm.domain.Defect

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Hi, Rally

I want to search in rally to find if there is a defect whose custom field equals specific content with the help of webAPI. But I got a error when I what get info for specific defects with query. I type in
(Defect.Name = "DE5782")
in https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/doc/webservice/ for query to take a try and got an error as:

{"QueryResult": {"_rallyAPIMajor": "2", "_rallyAPIMinor": "0", "Errors": ["Could not read: could not read all instances of class com.f4tech.slm.domain.Defect"], "Warnings": [], "TotalResultCount": 0, "StartIndex": 1, "PageSize": 20, "Results": []}}

Is it a rally's issue?