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Different filter in different windows/browsers?

Question asked by AnnaKurkhinen on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by AnnaKurkhinen

Is there any way to filter Interation Status page by different parameters in different windows/browsers?

I often need to compare two (or more!) sets of objects and I used to be able to do that in the old interface with no issues. For example, if I needed to look at two Test Sets in the same iteration, I'd filter the list by one TS ID in one Firefox and by another - in Firefox Incognito instance. Simple and quick!

Now my filters are applied across all instances of my account, even if I use different browsers. So I can view the list but as soon as I expand an object or sort or do anything else - I see a different filter applied to the page.

For now I'm getting around this by using Release Status page when I can, but I'm worried about what will I do when it goes away.