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How can I get line breaks in Changeset messages?

Question asked by RussMcFatter1362361 on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by RussMcFatter1362361
I'm using the Web Services API to connect our source code control system with Rally.
Our commit messages often contain line breaks for clarity, such as:
Fixed DE1306.
Reduces gyrocosmic relativization automatically when user either:
    -- logs in
    -- presses the "Cleanup" button

The line breaks from the original commit message (\n) are preserved in Rally's database (I can see them in the page source!), but aren't rendered in a browser.  What's the preferred mechanism to get a text string like like a Changeset message to show up with the intended formatting?  (I could certainly reformat this string before submitting via the Rally Web Services API, but don't see mention of preferred formats).