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Unable to Bulk Edit Folder Changes

Question asked by 19cda0d2361bf028485005a701bf330e on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by 19cda0d2361bf028485005a701bf330e
I'm trying to make bulk folder changes in Rally, and am unable to accomplish this task.  I was able to do this during the last regression.  I've talked to others in my group --and they were unable to do accomplish this task.

I've tested in IE 11, Firefox and Chrome.

To recreate the problem:
Go to the Iteration Status view
Go to the current regression
Open a test set
Select two or more test cases, using the checkbox on the far left
Click the "gear" icon next to the checkbox on one of the selected test cases
A "bulk edit" menu comes up - and the last two choices are "Choose Work Product" and "Choose Test Folder"
Click on either of the last two choices...and nothing happens (I only care about "Choose Test Folder"--but I tested all the menu options, to see if anything else wasn't working). A co-worker was able to go to the Quality | Test Cases in Test Sets view, select a couple of cases and bring up the "Choose Test Folder" option--but he was not able to get it in Iteration Status...and I wasn't able to bring it up in either view.

Any help would be appreciated!  The only way to reorganize items in folders now is to open each test case individually, and change the folder from within the test case...which is...sloooooow.  I had to do sixteen by hand earlier--and it was painful, but I'm looking at around 140 or so that I'd like to reorg--and quail at the thought of doing THAT by hand!  ;)

Thank you