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Excel Add-in: How to set a filter with a variable based on Spreadsheet Cell Value

Question asked by 9367f562aa40d10ca07b6d42f0f9b3f1 on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by SeshVeeraraghavan1363555
I define my test cases in an excel spreadsheet and import them to Rally to the corresponding User Story. Only then, the TC ID is set. I would like to export that back to my spreadsheet in a way that requires minimum intervention (since I probably will have to share this with others).

I am looking for a way to export the TC IDs filtered by the corresponding User Story (Work Product).
Type: Test Case
Order: Formatted ID
Columns: Formatted ID
Filter: (WorkProduct.FormattedID = "S55555" <-- the part that I would like to replace by {Value of Cell A2 from the Setup Tab}

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot