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Kanban setup not displaying User Stories that already exist

Question asked by 8ce79ff80998dd23454c1fcc2b81c650 on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by John_Streeter
Further to my post yesterday, I have been looking at the Kanban view today based on a request from a business colleague.
Playing around in our "sand box" area, I have noticed that any user stories that already exist are not being displayed in a newly setup Kanban board page, even though all of the mappings have been set correctly. My Kanban View has the following columns / swim lanes - Prioritised Backlog (mapped to Backlog), In Analysis (mapped to Defined), In Development (mapped to In Progress), In Testing (mapped to In Progress), Complete (mapped to Completed) and Accepted (mapped to Accepted).
I have found that the only way for user stories to be visible in the Kanban is if I create them from the Kanban. Importing user stories also does not work either.
Can this please be looked at and a fix be provided as soon as possible please?