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Best way to create a multi-team program from existing projects

Question asked by 1aaed5dcb6b6508b1fe9b26d60c999bf on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by maksya
I have a team (a) in progress for over a year, using 2 week sprints. We are spinning off a 2 more teams (b) (c), and need to set up a multi-team hierarchy with a program backlog and team backlogs. I don't want to disrupt team (a), so plan on creating a new parent project that I will use as the program backlog. Team (b) already has a project in iteration 0, and will need to be migrated to the current structure, and is already on the same sprint schedule as team (a). If I simply change the parent project for team (b) to the new program, will it be a seamless migration?  And, I will create a new child project for team (c) under the new program, but this team will be using KanBan only and not sprinting. Does this sound like it will work? I'm getting up to speed on Rally, again, and used it extensively last year. Anything I need to be cautious about?