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Where do you change the mapping from Feature Preliminary Estimate (Shirt Size) to Feature Points?

Question asked by 05bc117af8e580069351515f6b73ed70 on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by SeshVeeraraghavan1363555
Where do you change the mapping between a Feature's Preliminary Estimate (XS, S, M, L, XL) and how many feature points that translates to?  If you go to Portfolio -> Release Planning, it shows the Preliminary Estimate in the lower right of each feature (if you haven't provided a refined estimate) and if you hover over it it shows the number of feature points assigned.  How do you change these values?  And do you need workspace admin permissions or only project admin permissions?  (I believe we only have project-level admin rights which may be why we can't find this setting.)

Background Info:
In a recent Rally New Feature webinar the new Capacity Planning feature was demonstrated that is coming soon.  For current Release Planning we dump to Excel and calculate our feature points with our own Excel mapping table and we have been doing our calculations with that mapping for several release trains so far.  This new Capacity Planning feature looks like something we'd want to use but it is dependent on the feature point mapping to be useful.  The mapping we are seeing in our Rally instance is different than what we have been using.  So we either need to change the mapping in Rally to match what we've been doing or change our calculations to match Rally.  Doing the latter will result is mass confusion as everyone, including managers, have to change their mindset of what our velocities are and what the total project feature point values are for different project scope options.  And it is not a linear conversion.  So naturally we'd like to update Rally's mapping.