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Does Rally have a TFS (or similar) Doc Management app? I'd like to have a central repository for viewing all docs being utilized during a given Sprint instead of needing to drill down to User Story/Task level to view each document.

Question asked by 7d3702ccdc103c41d589fccbb0a3a999 on Feb 19, 2016
I currently serve as a SCRUM Master for a project and we are using Rally as our Agile methodology tool.  Presently, when we need to view documents during our SCRUM meetings we have to drill down to individual User Story/Task level to view each document that a particular user is working on.  When we've moved on to the next team member, they may reference the other doc so we then have to go back to that task again to DL the doc again.  I realize I can just download each doc and keep it on my desktop and just open it that way, or store the docs in TFS and have that app open simultaneously, but I was wondering if anyone is aware of any Apps within Rally that provide a "top level" view of all documents "attached" within a given sprint to a particular task?  It would just be an archive of all the documents in the current sprint....quick and easy reference/downloadable/viewable.  Anyone aware of any Apps?  I haven't seen any within Rally, but I'm not sure if there are other external ones that can be plugged in or not.

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