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Do you call this tool Rally or Agile Central?

Question asked by 3ddef45ad39bc3103aaaffaeceaed658 on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by John_Streeter
I know this tool has been re-branded from Rally to Agile Central, but does anybody call it Agile Central?   We have about 5 teams using it, and everyeone noticed the rebranding but continues to say Rally.  It's a habit, and it's easier and quicker to say thatn Agile Central.

Now, I am getting ready to add two more teams.  If I introduce them to Rally but the materials / UI's etc. all say Agile Central, then it might be confusing, but it's such a hassle to try to get the entire department re-trained to say Agile Central.  People say they like Rally better, lol.

Anyway, just wondering what other people are calling it.