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Release Date

Question asked by ClintRoszelle1340051 on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by EricNash
I'm curious how others have run into any issues using the Release Date in that if the date truly equates to the date you're deploying production code then there could be tail between the last Iteration which produced content for that release and the actual deployment date.  As such, in many views in Rally when selecting Release to drive filters that determine what Iterations to display, Iterations that did not produce content for the release may be returned.  Within my organization it is typically limited to just one overlapping Iteration but it does clutter the view up enough to make it confusing. 

I could simply set the date to equate to the last dev-date of the final Sprint producing code for the release and create a custom field for the deployment date but I'd like to avoid that as a potential source of confusion to our users.

Examples of pages where I run into this include Team Planning and Release Metrics.