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Creating Metrics for: What did my team work on this year?

Question asked by b262dd999c2c4195f1e4bb92a38ccef7 on Aug 28, 2015
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I'm wondering if there is a better way to do what I am currently doing.

Background: We're a large-ish company, so we have several products and several teams on each product. We typically do one major release per year (release sehcedules vary) and during that time frame a team can be working on new items for the next release as well as defects to go into patches for the previous release. I.E. in 2015 we work on versions 2016 as well as 2015.1, 2o15.2 and 2015.3.

One of the things I measure is where my team's time is being spent throughout the development cycle. What % of our time is being spent fixing defects for prior versions vs what % is actually able to go towards the next version. As well as what % of our time is being spent on each of the individual projects for the next version. this involves looking at both defects and user stories, across a series of sprints that doesnt coincide with the start and end date of any particular release or iteration in Rally.

None of the modules I have looked at seem to be able to handle pulling information on both user stories and defects at the same time. And also most don't do a great job of allowing me to select the exact sprints I want to cover and including all releases that happen in that time frame,

As a result I have been doing this through excel and the add-in for it. I am posting this under Rally though in the hopes that there are ways for us to set up customized screens to get the results I am looking for. It would be cleaner, less maintenance and easy to give to all teams.

So what does my excel doc currently do?
I have 5 different tabs just pulling data from different queries. Completed user stories, user stories still required in this development cycle, completed defects, defects still required in this development cycle, and all features assigned to my team. It pulls everything completed in the date range I designate in the query. I wouldnt need screens for any of this in Rally.

I have one tab that is a pivot chart, showing me: How many points have I done in each feature (as well as defects, which I break into two categories), how many points remain on each, as well as the % time spent to date and a calculation I do on what I expect as far as incoming defects (I assume they will continue to come in at the same rate they have so far for simplicity)

I have one tab that creates an area graph to represent how much time each sprint is spent on each feature.

And I have one tab that gives a summary to date. It covers not only the overall velocity but breaks that down into a defect velocity and feature work velocity. And then summarizes the points left vs the remaining capacity assuming we maintain that velocity.

Is anyone doing something similar to this but within Rally itself? and if so, how are you going about setting it up?