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Lack of depth in Cycle Time reporting

Question asked by 5c16e7bf3d31926cd6150df362b83269 on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by LJoshi
I am looking through the Cycle Time reporting options for a Project running Kanban-style.  All I'm able to find is the Cycle Time app, and Cycle Time report, both of which appear to be extremely limited in scope.  Perhaps I'm missing something?

Is any of the following things possible:
  1. Having an 'End' schedule state of anything besides 'Accepted'.  I'm not able to change it, the text is disabled. I would like to be able to measure cycle time between other states: 0EM14000000MUtH
  2. Filtering the chart on any other field?  Eg. I want to see the Cycle Time for work items with a tag, or other custom field value (eg. release, milestone, priority etc.)
  3. The calculated values are the same if the Start state is New, Defined, or In-Progress.  However, these states are all uniquely mapped, and I know for a fact that the calculations should change, because I know that work items aren't instantaneously picked up by a developer after they're marked as Defined.
Thanks in advance for any clues as to how I can get useful information out of Rally without resorting to Excel :-)