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I am trying to instantiate a combobox that contains all of the Feature. I am able to get the combobox to appear, but it only contains one Feature ID. I have 100. Also when i select, it wipes out the one that's there. what's wrong with this code...

Question asked by dbe22469067aad342dcbbeabb654e0ce on Oct 2, 2015
                       xtype: 'rallycombobox',
                       displayField: 'FormattedID',
                       itemId: 'userPicker',
                       fieldLabel: 'Feature:',
                       storeConfig: {
                          autoLoad: true,
                          model: 'PortfolioItem/Feature'
                       listeners: {
                           change: this.portfolioSelected,
                           scope: this
                       width: 300,
                       margin: 20