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What do administrators have the ability to configure?

Question asked by e5a97c53649ef11bdb86752a09972a4c on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by John_Streeter
I am trying to do a high level analysis of Rally for our organization, and it seems like there may be some limitations to what an administrator is allowed to do.  Here are a couple of scenarios I am looking for and do not seem to be able to do in Rally.  Can anyone confirm or set me in the right path?

1.  Does Rally allow for custom roles and permissions?  I see the system defined roles, but to not see how I can create new roles or modify the permissions of the existing roles.  Is this possible?

2.  Does Rally allow administrators to define custom workflow for work items?  I understand that Rally has defined a simplified workflow, but that may not be usable by all organizations.  Do administrators have the ability to configure new work item types and customize the workflow for new or existing work items?

Any guidance with these areas would be appreciated.