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having multiple projects in TFS Connector

Question asked by 3639fb0b60fa54c51e211bb914680a35 on Nov 23, 2015
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I want to be able to have 1 yml file for all projects under a team project. ProjectGroup has 10 projects (project1, project2, project3, and etc.). I know this could be done by having 1 yml file for each projects but don't want to have 10 config files. How could this be setup?

Also, could the config folder have sub-folders with config in them?

    Server                        : "tfs.server"           # (O) fully qualified domain name, ip address, or localhost (default)
    Port                            : 8080                  # (O) 8080 (default)
    Protocol                     : https                  # (O) http (default) or https
    TfsServerVersion       : 2010                  # (O) 2010 or 2012 (default)
    TfsVirtualPath            : tfs                   # (O) tfs (default)
    CollectionName         : "CollectionName1"     # (R)
    TeamProject              : "ProjectGroup"        # (R)
    Project                       : "Project"             # (R)