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When using the Excel Add-In I am unable to import User Stories and associate them with a Portfolio Item

Question asked by 02e2f8bf817ebf588dce41628b65eda1 on Dec 11, 2015
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When using the Excel Add-In I am having difficulty loading User Stories and associating them with Team Features.  In my Portfolio Item structure I have Program (PGMxxxx), Project (PRJxxxx), Feature (FEAxxxx), and Team Feature (TFxxxx).
I successfully loaded Features with Project as parent, and Team Features with Feature as parent.  Now I need to import User Stories with Team Feature as parent.
the 'Team Feature' field is not a permitted field for upload.  When I enter a Team Feature (TFxxxx) in the Parent field I get a validation error.  I have watched the Excel Add-In video and it clearly shows how to add User Stories with another User Story as Parent.  It does not cover how the original User Stories (which should have a higher-level parent) were added.