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Pyral api development help request - Feature Reqeust #58

Question asked by danielk.williams on Dec 30, 2015
I'm new to the Rally API and pyral, but have a short import routine that works great.  I have a requirement to change rank/priority after creating a new user story.  Pyral doesn't support that yet and there is a feature request in for that:

I thought I'd take a first pass on creating that functionality.  The tech support team sent me a link on using the RankAbove and RankBelow:

Since pyral and the api are new to me, I'm a little stuck.  Could you take a look a the one new function I have created to see if you can help with it, please?

Here's my fork of the pyral toolkit.

Look in  See the new function "changeRelativeRank"
It's designed to take two objectID's and a direction (above/below).  It should rank the first object relative to the second.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.