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How to traverse the portfolio item hierarchy?

Question asked by 25b7767b6a7982452750c435e4d6ebe6 on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by EricNash
We have set up the following hierarchy of portfolio items:
Pillar (at the portfolio level)
   -- Initiative
      -- Feature
          -- User story
We need to report on characteristics of user stories (such as size, schedule state, etc) but roll that up to our Pillar level. Is there an app that does this already, or must we create a custom list and write a query?  If we have to create a custom list and write a query, how to traverse the hierarchy and be able to roll up user story characteristics under their proper Feature then Initiative then Pillar?
I can't imagine that we'd be the first company that needed to do this.