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Team Planning "Group by Feature for Release" not showing grandchildren

Question asked by jim.strange.valtech.1.460038382201603E12 on Jan 21, 2016

I like the potential of the "Group by Feature for Release" option in the new Team Planning page.

However, I've found that this option only seems to display immediate children of the Feature which are associated with the release. And in practice, there will usually be a hierarchy of User Stories underneath the Feature. The filter does not show the ultimate descendants of the Feature that are associated with the Release in question.

To illustrate: If I have a Feature F1 which has a child US1, which itself has two children US2 and US3 which are associated with the Release I'm interested in, US2 and US3 will NOT be shown. However if US1 has no children, and is itself associated with the Release, it will be shown.

So while in theory this is a great feature (pun not intended), it doesn't seem to actually work in practice unless you commit to having only one layer of User Stories under a Feature.

UNLESS I'm doing something wrong...?